Anita grew up in Manhattan but moved to Brooklyn when she discovered trees grow there.

She also bought a row house and then found out what homeownership was really about (she should have stayed in an apartment). In spare time she did not have she managed to get an M.A. in English Literature from City College and an M.S. in Early Childhood Education from Brooklyn College. She has been on the faculty at Plymouth Church School since 2005.

Anita's love of children and community is reflected in her writing for non-profit organizations. She has been published in the Ford Foundation Report, Plymouth Press, and Uncensored. She also published a literary blog, The Stoop, where she wrote about, among other things, her fascination with the literature of the American South. She is passionate about the arts, especially film and dance, which she writes about in her spare time; and the natural world, which she documents here. 

In 2014, Anita started ABC: The Art of Basic Communication, in order to provide reading and writing support to school-age children. Currently, she is working with prospective college students on how to craft personal statements that reflect who they really are.

Anita lives on the border of Gowanus and Park Slope with her husband and Carolina dog, Mr. Milo.

You can view her resume here.